Sean Conway had a successful business but felt a longing for something more. So he sold it for a little more than $1.

After a few months of sleeping on a sofa, he decided to go on an adventure. That was over 15 years ago. Now he holds multiple world records, the most recent of which is the fastest unsupported cycling trip across Europe (over 4,000 miles in 24 days).

His impressive feats have been featured by the BBC, CNN, and Red Bull, and his ultra triathlon around the coast of Britain was made into a series for the Discovery Channel.

Hear how Sean turned a dream into reality and discover:

– Why Sean sold his business for peanuts

– How he got enough money to start on his new path

– The one thing Sean recommends for anyone looking to improve their life

– How you can build your confidence enough to reach seemingly unattainable heights

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