justin-wren-big-pygmy-mma-bellator-fight-forgotten-inside-rise-podcastJustin Wren became one of the youngest MMA fighters to appear on The Ultimate Fighter television show and to fight for the title in the main event in Las Vegas.

As a two-time national champion in wrestling, he made appearances in multiple countries and received an invitation to train with the elite of the elite at the US Olympic Training Center.

But an injury that threatened to ruin his career surfaced a deeper pain from severe bullying he faced as a child. To deal with the pain, he turned to painkillers and then to street drugs. His addiction forced his teammates to expel him from the training center. And his family had to break into his apartment just to find him.

So how did he turn things around?

Why do they now call him the Big Pygmy?

How did he convert such deep pain into a clear purpose to help a forgotten people on the other side of the world?

Click the play button and find out!

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